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Aerial photography and 3D terrain modelling

So that you know all there is to know about your project area

Using our own surveying aircraft, the Geo-Airflight, we can quickly and accurately carry out your orthography and 3D modelling for you, wherever and whenever. The Geo-Airflight can also be equipped with an infrared camera.

How does it work?

The Geo-Airflight is pre-programmed with the flight pattern that is to be flown. During the flight high resolution aerial photographs are taken of the terrain. These photographs are processed into an orthographic photograph which portrays a faithful image of the terrain. The result of these aerial photographs can easily be read into and processed by CAD and /or GIS systems. As a result of the low flight height of 150 to 750 meters, the Geo-Airflight can remain below the cloud base. This means the system can be used almost the whole year round. And the Geo-Airflight can easily be used when the terrain is only passable with difficulty, where conventional surveying is not possible.

3D terrain modelling

A 3D terrain model can be generated based on the aerial photographs that have been taken of the area. This 3D terrain model includes all visible objects, such as pastures, buildings, dikes, roads, etc. This means that all relevant data relating to the terrain concerned, in both the horizontal and vertical planes, is available to you quickly. These 3D models are particularly suited to various design work in relation to planning development, earth moving and as a method of checking work that has been carried out.


The Geo-Airflight can be equipped with a so-called CIR camera. This produces an infrared composite of the terrain. This allows the condition of the vegetation to be shown based on these infrared images. Crops affected by disease, drought or that are not doing well for whatever reason can now be charted easily.

Areas of application

The Geo-Airflight can be used for various purposes and applications. Flights to capture (3D) models which can be used for 3D designs and for quantity surveying. In addition, the Geo-Airflight is suitable for, amongst other things, monitoring vegetation, updating topographic management maps, taking aerial photographs and recording the situation in the event of disasters.

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